Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Photo update of Allegro Cozumel from Funjet Vacations traveler, Nate Engebos

Here are some photos we recently received from one of our guests. We hope you will find this update helpful when you are planning your next trip into Cozumel. The following photos were taken at the Allegro Cozumel by Funjet Vacations traveler, Nate Engebos between March 10th through March 20th, 2006 .

"My name is Nate Engebos and I am from Park City, Utah. My friends and I stayed at the Allegro Cozumel and frankly, I wish I was still there. Here are some pictures from our trip..."

"Here are some hotel guests participating in one of the day's planned activities. There were activities by the pool every morning. I personally was never a participator, but as you can probably tell from this picture, the activities were always entertaining to watch."

"My friend took this picture of me in one of my favorite places at the resort, the pool bar. After sitting in that hot sun, my friends and I loved jumping in for a swim and grabbing a drink. The pool bar had so many choices-from fruit smoothies to mixed drinks or soda-you always had drink envy of the person that ordered before or after you. I would have tried them all, but I ran out of time!"

"The beach in front of our hotel was unbelievable. there was beach volleyball and lots of beach chairs and palapas. I thought I might be crowded with lots of little kids running around, but there was plenty of space for everyone. "

"Before my vacation I had heard rumors that things were not looking too good in Cozumel, but once I got there I was relieved to learn that the rumors were just that: rumors. Everything looked find to me. This is a picture from our trip into downtown Cozumel, my female friends REALLY liked the jewelry stores but I have to say I preferred the tequila sampling. You know, there's something for everyone. I think the thing I liked most about Cozumel was its old town Mexico feel. There are plenty of areas that you can stay that are more Americanized, but my friends and I had more fun just exploring the less traveled parts of the island."

"My friends and I rented a jeep and drove around almost the entire island finding great places to stop and take pictures, look at the waves, enjoy the weather or find a little beach bar. I took this picture from the shores off the Punta Sur reef, it's a more remote area of the island where there are no hotels. In the end, I couldn't have asked for a better vacation."-Nate Engebos, Park City, UT

Thanks to Nate and his friends for sharing their pictures and stories with us! If you would like to contribute pirctures (complete with descriptive lables and in a .JPEG format) from your Mexico vacation please e-mail them to us at If we like what we see, we may be able to post them on this blog!


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